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Acha Septriasa Biography:
Acha Septriasa was an Indonesian actress and model. Jelita Septriasa is her real name which Acha Septriasa is a movie stage name. Jelita Septriasa born in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Acha Septriasa opening career started films Apa Artinya Cinta? in 2005. Followed her next film in 2006 'Heart'. Nominated for best films 2006.
She studying in Film production Making subject Kuala Lampur, Limkokwing University, at Indonesia. She is popular actress and model when her film Heart are released.
Acha Septriasa Filmography:
Apa Artinya Cinta (2005)
Heart (2006)
Love is Cinta (2007)
In the Name of Love (2008)
Love (2008)
Menebus Impian (2010)
Love Story

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